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Give back this Holiday season!

Hello friends! We will be gathering items for Redemption House this holiday season.

Feel free to bring in an item from the list below! Let’s show some love to the community!

Redemption House is a not for profit organization designed to help individuals better their life. They are ordained ministers that have been through insurmountable circumstances in life such as abuse, addiction, teen pregnancy, and homelessness. They now have the desire to help others to change and obtain their life goals and ambitions. They provide an environment in which they can be inspired and gain personal growth by learning life skills and alternative ways to the choices they made before. The Redemption House is filled with individuals who have overcome or who are in the process of overcoming great odds such as abuse, drug & alcohol addiction, homelessness, handicapped, and teen pregnancy. It is a friendly and interactive group that learns valuable life skills though structure and relationships that want each other to succeed and last a lifetime. This has proved to be an amazing source of support for many individuals.

Café Needs:
USDA approved meat
Food Storage Containers
Fresh Fruit
Fresh Vegetables
If you have any questions about these items contact Lisa 541-362-5642

Shelter Needs:
Toilet Paper
Bathroom Paper Towels
Feminine hygiene products
Diaper Wipes
Cough and cold Medicine
Disinfectant sprays and/or wipes
Facial tissues
Kids craft items
If you have any questions about these items contact Misty 541-362-5642

Christmas Needs:
Women and children’s
Contact Cindy 541-362-5642 for information on amounts and sizes and any specialized needs.